"Go ye therefore into all the world..."

Matthew 28:19,20






ISRAEL - “to the Jew first”

Gary Way                               

Alex Murofski 

Matthew Pollard                    




WORLD - “the uttermost parts”

Tim Sober - China                            

Andrew Long - India

Frank Auterson - Ethiopia    

Bro. Thongdy - Laos 

Milo Tomas - Philippines                     

Bro. Jom-Hong - Thailand

Matt Sherrouse - Brazil

Pablo Segovia - Monterrey, MX 

John Henderson – Brazil

Bro. Camille – Haiti 

Patrick Wolfe - Germany 

Ben Smith-Sudan 


  AMERICA - “our Judea & Samaria”            

5.Don Chitty - Navajo’s - New Mexico

6.Sam Owens - Sioux  - South Dakota

7.Calvary Boys Ranch - Eufala, OK 

8. Warren Garraway - Reseeding America Ministries 



HUTCHINSON  - “our Jerusalem”

Bus Ministry 

Kansas State Fair  - we operate the Amazing Grace Mission Booth every year. If you would like to help us during the State Fair, please let us know by contacting Pastor Haley (620) 200-6020.