December 16, 2018

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 Several years ago our church purchased 4 acres of Property in Hutchinson at 23rd and Severance St.

We still owe 85,000.00 dollars as of January 2018.

Once this is paid for, we can begin the building process. We have building drawings and are ready to build by Faith.

Would you prayerfully consider helping our church go Forward by Faith this year and get this land paid off?







We appreciate your donation. All donations are tax free and you can request a statement at year's end. At present all donations coming from this web site go towards our new building construction. Please pray about your gift as you give it.



You simply click on the link and the Pay Pal page will take you to a secure email and the funds received go directly to our bank - Heartland Credit Union. Our church is Riverside Baptist Church and the Land Loan is : Loan #7. Or you can call Pastor Haley at 620-200-6020 or Call Heartland Credit Union and ask for Donna Summers, she is our Loan Office in charge of this loan. She can help you.


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