Riverside Baptist Church loves old fashioned, hot, preaching! We are not ashamed of men of God who preach God's Word and take a stand! Men like Jack Hyles, John Rice, Lee Roberson, Curtis Hutson, Tom Malone, Dean Miller, Bob Gray (LBT), are our heroes!

In a day when compromise and soft preaching is everywhere, we still want to hear old fashioned hot preaching!

The Bible says that the day would come when people will not endure "sound doctrine"!

Enjoy these messages...more to come!

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File Dr. Bob Gray Sr. - Why_Do_I_Still_Have_Burdens_1.mp3 Nov-10-2015 01:23 AM 25.76 MB View
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File My_Strength_Is_Made_Perfect_In.mp3 Dec-3-2015 11:40 PM 22.11 MB View
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File That_Which_Endures_Forever_1.mp3 Dec-3-2015 11:46 PM 25.87 MB View
File The_Cup_or_The_Silver.mp3 Dec-3-2015 11:47 PM 50.69 MB View
File The_Good_of_Thy_Chosen.mp3 Dec-3-2015 11:46 PM 27.74 MB View
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File Unfit_For_The_Kingdom_Of_God.mp3 Dec-4-2015 12:05 AM 0 B View
File Unfit_For_The_Kingdom_Of_God_1.mp3 Dec-4-2015 12:09 AM 29.27 MB View
File When_Later_Becomes_Sooner.mp3 Dec-4-2015 12:09 AM 24.94 MB View
File Why_Do_I_Still_Have_Burdens.mp3 Dec-4-2015 12:09 AM 25.76 MB View
File Why_Is_The_New_Birth_Necessary.mp3 Dec-4-2015 12:07 AM 13.51 MB View